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Yagi 3 éléments VHF

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  • Le 05/05/2014
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Ma nouvelle antenne YAGI faite maison pour le VHF 
TOS VHF 144 : 1.2

Le dipôle est constitué de deux brin télescopique 


Yagi design frequency =156,00 MHz
Wavelength =1922 mm
Parasitic elements fastened to a non-metallic or separated from boom
Folded dipole mounted same as directors and reflector
Director/reflector diam =4 mm
Radiator diam =4 mm
940,9 mm long at boom position = 30 mm  (IT = 458,0 mm)
Single dipole 913,7 mm tip to tip, spaced 384 mm from reflector at boom posn 414 mm (IT = 444,5 mm)
Folded dipole 932,0 mm tip to tip, spaced 384 mm from reflector at boom posn 414 mm (IT = 453,5 mm)

Dir          Length  Spaced Boom position  IT            Gain      Gain
(no.)      (mm)    (mm)    (mm)                    (mm)    (dBd)    (dBi)
1             871,0     144,1     558,5                     423,0     4,8          6,9
The abbreviation "IT" means "Insert To", it is the construction distance from the element tip to the edge of the boom for through boom mounting
Spacings measured centre to centre from previous element
Tolerance for element lengths is +/- 6 mm
Boom position is the mounting point for each element as measured from the rear of the boom and includes the 30 mm overhang.The total boom length is 588 mm including two overhangs of 30 mm
The beam's estimated 3dB beamwidth is 92 deg
A half wave 4:1 balun uses 0,66 velocity factor RG-58C (PE)  and is 634 mm long plus leads
Measurements are taken from the inside of bends
Folded dipole length measured tip to tip = 932mm
Total rod length =1854mm
Centre of rod=927mm
Distance BC=CD=464mm
Distance HI=GF=456mm
Distance HA=GE=460mm
Distance HB=GD=463mm
Distance HC=GC=927mm
Gap at HG=15mm
Bend diameter BI=DF=4mm
If the folded dipole is considered as a flat plane (see ARRL Antenna Handbook) then its resonant frequency is 156,9MHz and K is 0,976

14FRS1595 Opé Sabri / USC 230 E / BAOFENG GT3 / MIDLAND G7 / G7 LPD 443. Cuges les Pins BDR.

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